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Consultants / CAR’s

Underwater intervention work poses significant increased risks to both the safety and technical areas of a project. Therefore recruitment of suitably experienced and competent offshore management personnel is essential.

Underwater Engineering is able to provide Operators with consultants and offshore work site representatives (CAR’s) with the industry background that is required.

Specialised Underwater Project Management

Underwater Engineering (UEL) has detailed technical knowledge in all areas of sub- sea intervention. Primarily providing management support to Operators and selected Contractors within the offshore Oil and Gas industry.
UEL has specific expertise in ROV and diving operations, combined with knowledge in engineering and best practice. This enables us to provide sound technical support in maintenance, upgrade and field development projects. This adds value and improves the end result in underwater operations.

Areas of support include:

  • Management support in sub-sea operations
  • Constructability reviews
  • Asset intervention management support
  • Asset modification and upgrade reviews
  • Assisting in contractor selection by scored assessment
  • Competency assessment and upgrade training of contractors
  • HAZID studies and risk assessments
  • Independent advice for specific projects
  • Advice on technical, safety and best industry practice
  • Conceptual and FEED studies
  • Research and development



UEL Audit Services:
The UEL range of audit services by competent and qualified personnel includes third party:

  • Diving Systems Audits (In accordance with IMCA D018, D023 & D024).
  • ROV Systems Audits (In accordance with IMCA R 006).
  • Quality Management Systems Audits (In accordance with ISO 9001 / 2000).
  • Safety Management Systems Audits (In accordance with OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801).
  • Environmental Management Systems (In accordance with 14001: 1996 & JASANZ).
  • Business Management Systems (Warranty Standards etc).
  • Competency Assessment of personnel, including the arrangement and delivery of training packages for upgrading your teams skills in recognized weak areas.

Diving and ROV System audits:
Diving and ROV System audits can be arranged either at the onshore base, or in the offshore location prior to, or during the upcoming project.

QHES Consultant Services:
UEL also provides third party consultants to assist creation, development or improvement for any of the above management systems.

Competency Assessment = Risk Reduction:

With a serious skills shortage now hitting the entire offshore market, it is important to know that personnel in specialist underwater fields are qualified, experienced and most importantly, capable of carrying out the job in a safe manner. Accurately determining the competence levels of all individuals, will significantly help to reduce risk by identifying areas in need of further training.
UEL can assist the operator to more accurately determine various contractor levels of competence of individual project team members.

ROV Support


As offshore field developments are going to greater depths, there is a marked increase in the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) world wide. Remote systems are now reliably advanced enough for entire fields to be developed remotely.

Underwater Engineering has extensive knowledge of remote systems and ROV intervention and provides complete support to our clients with both state of the art ROV packages and highly trained personnel.
From surveying of pipelines and inspection of sub-sea structures to ultra deep water tooling and intervention, to emergency pipe repairs, Underwater Engineering will provide the exact combination of knowledge, equipment and experience that the client needs.

Contact Underwater Engineering for all your ROV and RIT (Remote Intervention Technology) requirements.


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